Georeferencer Crowdsourcing:

Thank you for choosing Georeferencer to bring your maps to life. This website will show you all deliverables and help to start the project succesfully.


Start with this article on D-Lib about successful crowdsourcing projects. Then, prepare a website where you include the gadgets (copy & paste HTML snippets from this page) and let us know the final public URL of that page. One good example is available at


Data (geographical positions) for finished maps are updated live in
Google Fusion Tables (keep this link private): 1lonW6aUzO3PULtne6L2CIkWeNpAuQomluFsKmDtu.
Numbers of control points (map revisions) are available at: 1PMkGq4w5anK6F2Z2RL0NAsWwhb5vUpQZIYak_s5Q


Each visitor can start georeferencing and after few seconds will be asked to login. Only data from users, that are looged in are saved. Login is available with Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts, optionally with own georeferencer account. There are no administration accounts, all users are equal.


Link to get a random map

Get one of the maps and try to find its location

Progress of the pilot:

Top contributors - competition

Recently modified maps (unreliable widget):

Map finder (unreliable widget):

Top contributors pie chart (control points):

All Contributors (unreliable widget)

Activity timeline (unreliable widget):

Network graph of contributions (people connected via maps - unreliable widget)

Quality control

Nearly all of the projects do not need quality control at all. However, quality control can be done, when the project is finished and there are some maps incorectly positioned. In this case, you can use a reviewer account. To activate it, go to and click on the “request to join” link. You will be notified by email after approval.

Then, you can go to reviewer’s dashboard

In the bottom of your user account, you will find a reviewer panel

For each map, you can delete the current georeference and put it back to the unfinished maps. For this task, use the buttion “return to the crowd”

NOTE: Ask for reviewer account only if you find incorrectly positioned maps in your project, otherwise, this feature is senseless.